Soccer In A Baseball Stadium

This Fourth of July weekend, my husband and I surprised our son with tickets to a professional soccer game at Yankee Stadium.   There, the New York City Football Club (NYCFC) would take on the New York Red Bulls.  The game, coined the “New York Derby”easily became my son’s most anticipated holiday activity (even more than fireworks).  I usually have the guys venture to soccer games on their own, but was advised that this game was not to be missed.




Although we went to Yankee Stadium to see NYCFC, I had to explore the stadium for a little baseball history.  I was thrilled to see that the Monument Park was open (and had no line).  The small outdoor museum honors former Yankees with plaques and retired numbers displayed.  It was a nice way to spend time together before the soccer game started.  The game itself was EXCITING.  My son happily cheered, angrily shouted and got out of his seat to applaud players–his team won and we made a memory together.




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