Weekend Roadtrip: Newport, RI

A few weeks ago, my family took a roadtrip to one of our favorite places, Newport, RI. A longtime friend grew up in the area and invited us to come visit with him and his family.  The beach town with beautiful homes and a charming atmosphere is just 4 hours from our home in Manhattan.   Last summer, we attended the Newport Jazz Festival and it was so enjoyable, we scheduled our trip to overlap with the event again this year.

We attended the Saturday shows at the Newport Jazz Festival,  roamed from stage to stage, had tacos from Tallulah’s and drank Del’s lemonade.  Then grabbed popcorn at Inpopnito before heading to the main stage.  There, we listened to jazz legend Chick Corea and music artist Norah Jones.  Drained from the heat, we headed home before the official end of the day.  We rested and later freshened up for a night out (just the grownups).

While in Newport, we had five things we wanted to do:

  1. Shop a little.


  1. Listen to jazz at the Newport Jazz Festival.


  1. Have a night out.


  1. See lots of boats.


  1. Go to a restaurant unique to Newport.


Knowing that we would do some of the same things as last year, I made it a point to seek a new place to visit while in Newport.  Our friend took us to the Newport Shipyard, where we had breakfast right next to massive boats.  The outdoor seating at Belle’s Cafe was filled with patrons having their delicious hash browns and other breakfast classics while the inside seating stayed quiet.  I think it will become one of our usual spots.

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