Final Roadtrip of 2016

It has been a while since my last post, but I couldn’t let 2016 go without a final note. The year was busy and exciting for me with life events (15th anniversary) and a career shift (I’m a teacher–again!). Throughout it all, I continue to write about my love of family travel and I hope you’ve come across my recent articles and posts.

This year, I traveled to some old and new favorite destinations.  In the coming year I look forward to continuing my travels, writing more and sharing it all with you.  Before the new year, I wanted to share one more roadtrip from 2016.

For Christmas, my husband and I decided to give our son the gift of experiences. So, with mild weather, limited French and a longing to escape– we drove to Montréal. Midway, we stopped in Saratoga Springs for lunch then continued on to the Canadian border.  Once cleared, we headed to our hotel in Old Montreal.

Our few days in this beautiful city were fully booked. We took a bus tour, visited the Olympic Park, the Biodome, Planetarium and Science Center. We had many delicious meals and treats in between.  It was so enjoyable to experience French culture just hours away from home. More to come in 2017…







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