August Recap

August was a fun and busy month. I shuttled my son to/from camp during the week and made the most of the weekends. We traveled, went to local events and even celebrated my little one’s birthday.

Earlier in the month, we drove to Newport, Rhode Island to attend the annual jazz festival. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Everyone was in good spirits and the music was great! The Roots closed out the festival and had us on our feet dancing. I managed to get a sitter and went Gurney’s to see Questlove and have dinner at Scarpetta. So delicious and such a fun time–much needed.

When we returned, I started planning my son’s birthday celebration. Instead of a party, we chose to go to Play NYC, a video game convention. He was so excited to experience a space devoted solely to video games.

On “eclipse day”, we made pinhole viewers and packed a picnic. We sat in a nearby park with neighbors.  The whole community came out with eclipse glasses and homemade viewers.

We closed out the month by kicking off the U.S. OpenKids day is one of our favorite events to attend in the city. There were tennis activities and a concert of young artists. Arthur Ashe Stadium is such an amazing venue!

Now, we prep for the first day of school and a fun, busy fall!


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