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New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year! Many do not know this, but I spent the last 100 days of 2017 focused on wellness. For those months  (yes, months) I meditated, exercised and practiced intuitive eating daily. In the process, I became stronger and had more energy. I even lost weight. 

Despite bad weather, oversleeping and work–I did something everyday; a spin  class, a session on the elliptical or  (worst case) an at home workout from a magazine. I put myself first and it made a huge difference. 

As my 100 days came to a close, my winter travel began. I headed to the island of Grenada. I practiced yoga, swam, walked the beach and laid in the sun. It was the perfect way to end the year. So, when the new year came I had no reason to seek a new me. 

Yoga Studio at True Blue Bay Resort

Shnieka makeup free (well, except the brows –long story)

All set for class!

Grand Anse Beach

Shnieka at Grand Anse (H&M sunglasses, Miracle Suit one-piece)

In 2018, I’ll continue to strengthen the same me. I made no resolutions but set personal, professional and financial goals. I look forward to what is come this year. I’m attending conferences, expos, writing articles and posting right here. 

What’s your plan for 2018? Tell me.

Jazz Holiday

The holiday season has been quite busy. There is so much to do in the city this time of year. There’s the opera, the ballet, the Rockettes, the circus and so much more. I typically find kid friendly venues and events, but my husband and I took a moment to have a night out. The first in weeks.

We purchased tickets for an “under 40” event at Jazz at Lincoln Center with a concert and a reception following. So, we dressed up and went out. The band played holiday favorites and afterward we had small bites and chatted with others attending the event. We’ll definitely do it again. Maybe in the spring…

I’m excited to share links to my new travel articles to be published in January. Check my social media accounts — @Shnieka for updates. I have more travel in the works for 2018!

August Recap

August was a fun and busy month. I shuttled my son to/from camp during the week and made the most of the weekends. We traveled, went to local events and even celebrated my little one’s birthday.

Earlier in the month, we drove to Newport, Rhode Island to attend the annual jazz festival. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Everyone was in good spirits and the music was great! The Roots closed out the festival and had us on our feet dancing. I managed to get a sitter and went Gurney’s to see Questlove and have dinner at Scarpetta. So delicious and such a fun time–much needed.

When we returned, I started planning my son’s birthday celebration. Instead of a party, we chose to go to Play NYC, a video game convention. He was so excited to experience a space devoted solely to video games.

On “eclipse day”, we made pinhole viewers and packed a picnic. We sat in a nearby park with neighbors.  The whole community came out with eclipse glasses and homemade viewers.

We closed out the month by kicking off the U.S. OpenKids day is one of our favorite events to attend in the city. There were tennis activities and a concert of young artists. Arthur Ashe Stadium is such an amazing venue!

Now, we prep for the first day of school and a fun, busy fall!


July Recap

July breezed by, beginning with a trip to the Hamptons. While my son sat and read, my husband and I stood on the crowded  LIRR for three hours. It was well worth it. We visited with friends and my son ran and played with their kids for hours. We went to the beach, grilled our dinners and even made Smores with the kids. 

I was rejuvenated by the end of the long weekend. I returned to the city to shuttle my boy around to camps, classes and playdates. When things get a little hectic, I just close my eyes and imagine the beach. Bring on August…

June Recap

June was a month full of celebration. I had a birthday and a dear friend got married. I also traveled. 

First, I went to Philadelphia for a baseball game with my son. We had a list of food items to try, like cheese steak, crab fries and Beilers donuts.

Then, we were off to Montreal in search of crepes, poutine and the Montreal bagel. 

I’m already packing for our next outing…

February Recap

This month has been jam packed with work, but I still managed to sneak away to one of my favorite places, the Grande Lakes resort. Although I only had a couple of days there, I made the most of warm weather and amazing service.

We had delicious meals, a day at a Disney Park and plenty of time to explore the hotel. My son enjoyed the new decor and play area at the Kids Club (Ritz Carlton). By staying at the JW Marriott, we were closer to the lazy river and had a relaxing final day floating around the pool before heading home.

Now, we plan spring break…





January Recap

January has been quite busy. I re-entered the classroom, became acquainted with my students and adjusted to the workload.  It feels good to be settled.

Lately, I’ve been planning upcoming travel and preparing notes to speak at the New York Times Travel Show. I was asked by the Family Travel Association to join a panel and I gladly accepted.

This weekend, I nervously entered the stage of the Family Travel Pavilion for the panel discussion.  My husband and son were there to support me and once I started talking about my family’s love of travel–I felt calm.

I can’t wait to share my upcoming travels with you! I’ll be sure to post my latest published work on all social media accounts. Until then, safe travels.