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New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year! Many do not know this, but I spent the last 100 days of 2017 focused on wellness. For those months  (yes, months) I meditated, exercised and practiced intuitive eating daily. In the process, I became stronger and had more energy. I even lost weight. 

Despite bad weather, oversleeping and work–I did something everyday; a spin  class, a session on the elliptical or  (worst case) an at home workout from a magazine. I put myself first and it made a huge difference. 

As my 100 days came to a close, my winter travel began. I headed to the island of Grenada. I practiced yoga, swam, walked the beach and laid in the sun. It was the perfect way to end the year. So, when the new year came I had no reason to seek a new me. 

Yoga Studio at True Blue Bay Resort

Shnieka makeup free (well, except the brows –long story)

All set for class!

Grand Anse Beach

Shnieka at Grand Anse (H&M sunglasses, Miracle Suit one-piece)

In 2018, I’ll continue to strengthen the same me. I made no resolutions but set personal, professional and financial goals. I look forward to what is come this year. I’m attending conferences, expos, writing articles and posting right here. 

What’s your plan for 2018? Tell me.

August Recap

August was a fun and busy month. I shuttled my son to/from camp during the week and made the most of the weekends. We traveled, went to local events and even celebrated my little one’s birthday.

Earlier in the month, we drove to Newport, Rhode Island to attend the annual jazz festival. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Everyone was in good spirits and the music was great! The Roots closed out the festival and had us on our feet dancing. I managed to get a sitter and went Gurney’s to see Questlove and have dinner at Scarpetta. So delicious and such a fun time–much needed.

When we returned, I started planning my son’s birthday celebration. Instead of a party, we chose to go to Play NYC, a video game convention. He was so excited to experience a space devoted solely to video games.

On “eclipse day”, we made pinhole viewers and packed a picnic. We sat in a nearby park with neighbors.  The whole community came out with eclipse glasses and homemade viewers.

We closed out the month by kicking off the U.S. OpenKids day is one of our favorite events to attend in the city. There were tennis activities and a concert of young artists. Arthur Ashe Stadium is such an amazing venue!

Now, we prep for the first day of school and a fun, busy fall!


Soccer In A Baseball Stadium

This Fourth of July weekend, my husband and I surprised our son with tickets to a professional soccer game at Yankee Stadium.   There, the New York City Football Club (NYCFC) would take on the New York Red Bulls.  The game, coined the “New York Derby”easily became my son’s most anticipated holiday activity (even more than fireworks).  I usually have the guys venture to soccer games on their own, but was advised that this game was not to be missed.




Although we went to Yankee Stadium to see NYCFC, I had to explore the stadium for a little baseball history.  I was thrilled to see that the Monument Park was open (and had no line).  The small outdoor museum honors former Yankees with plaques and retired numbers displayed.  It was a nice way to spend time together before the soccer game started.  The game itself was EXCITING.  My son happily cheered, angrily shouted and got out of his seat to applaud players–his team won and we made a memory together.




Summer Road Trip

I wasn’t planning to travel until the end of summer, but a home repair prompted a last minute outing. A family friend invited us to Newport, RI during the repairs. The thought of  waves crashing was much more pleasant than drilling and banging. So, we rented a car and drove to the “city by the sea”. It was such a picturesque place, surrounded by water.





Summer in the City

School is out, camps are booked and I have weeks before scheduled family travel. This is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the amazing city I call home. Museums, sites and attractions are on my list of things to do during down time. First stop, Times Square…





Big Blue Weekend

This weekend I watched mens college basketball with my guys.  My alma mater, the University of Kentucky (UK) is in the midst of an extraordinary season and winning their way to a championship title.  My little “Wildcat” fan wore his UK sweatshirt all weekend long.   Next week, back to museums…


An All Star Weekend

For the first time in 17 years, the NBA All Star Weekend took place in New York City.  The events were split between Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  The family friendly weekend of basketball overlapped with New York Fashion Week and created much spectacle for celebrity sightings all over the city.  My family did not attend the game, but did visit pop-up shops like Token 38 that hosted NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal, Dominique Wilkins and Shawn Kemp among others. We also played basketball at the NBA House, located at Moynihan Station. The interactive space had multiple sections for practicing your basketball skills.  There were also autograph signings and “All Star” gear giveaways.